Welcome Home

Third Stop- Taipei

The Motherland! This is Vu’s first time visiting Taiwan and I was happy to have brought him here to visit my family that was unable to attend our wedding.  I haven’t been back here since 2009 so my family was shocked to see how much I’ve grown (and of course, gained American weight).  This time we decided to stay in the city near Taipei 101 to explore more.  Typically, when we visit Taiwan, we rush back to the small villages where my dad’s family lives, but since it was Vu’s first time here we decided to stay near the popular areas.  We stayed at the Grand Hyatt with a view of Taipei 101 at our window.

We got to spend a lot of time with my mom’s side.  Her brother recently passed away and so it was important that we spend more time with her family during this trip.  My cousin, Pei-San was such a fantastic host and guide for us during our visit.  I love visiting her because she always has fantastic food recommendations for me and is such a patient person!

Our first meal after we landed was the infamous, Din Tai Fong.  Naturally, we over ordered but still managed to finish our feast and walk away only spending $40 for 4 people! Cheap food tastes even better, right?

We then met up with my mom’s BFF at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. They have been best friends since middle school, that’s 50 years of friendship, can you believe that? They’ve kept in touch all these years.  She was even around when my parents first started dating! I love seeing my parents in their motherland because they’re so different.  They’re happy and have so many different groups of friends and family to hang out with all day.  They work extremely hard in America and I know they’re appreciative of all the opportunities they’ve been given there but being in their element and at home is comforting and safe for them.  No language barrier, delicious comfort foods at their finger tips, and of course, family.  I’ve never seen my mom hold hands with anybody before, last time she held my hand was when I was maybve 7 years old.  She held hands with her BFF the whole time! Adorable! I hope I have friendships that last that long!