The Basics

Get Directions


  • 6:00pm | Ceremony

    Let’s make it official! Support us as we exchange our vows and become husband and wife.
  • 6:30pm | Cocktail Hour

    Nosh, drink and be merry! The bar opens and the party begins. Meet the other wedding guests and relax with some small bites.
  • 7:30pm | Reception

    Dinner and dancing! Take your seats, take advantage of the photo booth, and take it easy! Join us for a family-style feast, an open bar, and an unforgettable dessert spread. Finally, dance the night away with us courtesy of our DJ and a specially curated music mix (requests are welcome).


Our Parents




We are so lucky to have the love and support of both sets of parents! They have played such an important role in not just the wedding planning chaos, but in each of our lives. They bring the utmost joy and laughter to our hearts, they constantly fill our bellies with the yummiest of foods, and they never let us down. We are so thrilled to join our families together!


Wedding Party

Jen’s Bridesmaids

Wendy Kim - Matron of Honor

The Sister Wife

10 years difference never set these two twinsies apart.  I can sense her emotions even from Austin to San Antonio.  Whatever Wendy has forgotten while running out the door with her 4 children, I manage to remember.  Wendy, and her 4 beautiful rugrats, have definitely trained me well to be a terrific future mother.

Tina Trang - Maid of Honor

The Hoodlum

Growing up in Greenspoint Houston gave this girl some courage and sass!  Tina is always up for challenging hiking trips, lazy days watching 30 Rock, and most of all, hot-spot eateries in Austin!  Tina inspires me to always be true to myself- no matter who’s around.

May Lai-Tran

The Socialite

My cousin May is definitely the spotlight of the party!  Always up for outings with old friends, family trips and making new friends anywhere and everywhere we go!  May reminds me to be fabulous in everything I do!

Stephanie Wei

The Foodie

Stephanie was my first Longhorn friend!  She and I spent many days/nights at Gregory Gym playing volleyball together when we should have been studying at the PCL.  Stephanie encourages me to indulge in life’s sweet treats while balancing a healthy lifestyle!

Jennifer Perez
JP's Camera 40

The Safety Blanket

JP has been my longest friend- 23 years strong!  From tire swings in the 1st grade, to high school prom, to the introduction of Electronic Dance Music in college, to being reunited in good ole Austin, JP has heard every happy tale and sob story in my lifetime.  JP pushes me to always persevere.

Chelsea Kindred

The Baker

Chelsea is definitely the culprit to my sweet tooth!  She always finds any reason to make a dessert for her friends and is truly the hostess with the mostess.  Without her, my parties would never run smoothly.  Chelsea reminds me to be kind to others and to make time for myself!

Vu’s Groomsmen

Quan Vu - Best Man

The Princess

Quan and I began our friendship when we both decided to ditch our roommates and move in together at Jester. A mutual appreciation for the sit-com Friends, Disney movies, and having the “best dorm” brought us even closer together. Quan inspires me to enjoy the finer things in life and to never settle or be complacent.

Andy Lee - Groomsman of Honor
andy lee

The Garbageman

My fondest memories of Andy usually involve some type of injury – breaking wooden boards with our fists (or heads), smashing his plaster-covered hand against a metal pole, or switching places in a moving car. Andy inspires me to find excitement in the banal and to never grow up.

Blas Ortiz

The Mud Butt

It wasn’t hard for me to see why Blas, Jen, and Tina have been friends for many years. It wasn’t long before Blas and I began to connect on a rainman-like recall of pop culture references, good food, and live music. His compassion and selfless defines his relationship with everyone he meets. Blas inspires me to be a true friend and to always think of others before myself.

Xuan-Du Nguyen

The Turtle

Xuan-Du and I “met” when he handed me a flyer for Gamma Beta while I was walking on campus. Little did I know that it would lead to a group of guys I’d be friends with for life. Xindy never takes himself too seriously and has an uncanny ability to find happiness and joy in any situation. He inspires me to always be optimistic and free to laugh at myself.

Jonah Sim

That Guy

Jonah is the idealist of the group and the quiet prankster. When he’s not being unintentionally funny, Jonah is a strong leader and a devoted friend. He’s always supported my creative endeavors and helps keep me current and active. Jonah inspires me to stay humble and be true to myself.

Steven Suh
IMG_1259.JPG (2) (Vu Le's conflicted copy 2013-03-17)

The Tiny Dancer

Steven’s always quick with a clever quip. Self-deprecating, yet incredibly confident, and witty – he’ll never let me get away with anything. He cares deeply for his friends and his family and has shown time and time again that he’ll do anything for the people in his life. He inspires me to never take things for granted and to always remember my roots.

The Officiant

Lawrence Chin
When Vu and I think about “us”, we see three things:

  1. An uncontrollable amount of Joy and Happiness.
  2. A belly full of Playfulness and Fun.
  3. An exciting feeling of Romance and Affection.

We knew that Lawrence would be the man to not only marry us, but to illustrate our love and lead us into a life of amazingness!

Ring Bearer

Connor Thai
Vu’s 4-year-old nephew will kick start the dance party at the reception!

Flower Girl

Evie Kim
Jen’s 4-year-old niece is always up for a dance party and will celebrate just about anything!

Sake’s Usher

Eli Kim
This endearing little 6-year-old boy is Sake’s favorite partner in crime! Jen’s little nephew will be ushering sweet 10-year-old Sake down the aisle to witness her father tying the knot!