Being a big kid

One of my favorite discoveries here in Japan are the arcades! There are a lot of games here that we’ve never even seen or heard of. Even if you don’t play games, it is beyond entertaining to watch all the pros play games. Actually it was just entertaining enough to watch Vu be a big […]

Izakaya Life

Izakaya’s are crowded, loud, and filled with clusters of people in tight small spaces all eating and drinking…Just our type of place! We strolled down Memory Lane (yakitori alley) in Shinjuku and it was impossible to make a decision because every gastro pub looked and smelled amazing! Some could barely open and close their front […]


There is so much life down this one main Takeshita Street! As soon as you step off the train station you are greeted with masses of people walking up and down Takeshita Street, all taking videos and selfies. It reminded me of the night markets in Taiwan, with lots of small eateries, loud music and […]

Not always planned

There are endless alleyways and tucked away noodle shops to stumble upon in Tokyo. Even with all the friendly recommendations and internet research, we probably only stuck to 50% of our original list! We just ate where our noses guided us to and we never left unhappy! Simply buying small bites and drinks from the […]


First stop- Tokyo, Japan We are greeted by incredibly over polite Japanese people. They are kind hearted individuals that are always willing to answer our tourist questions. Body language goes a long way here, especially with the spoken language barrier. They hand you money with both hands, bow everytime through appreciation and consideration and are […]