Disney Sea

Celebrating Papa Yao’s 68th Birthday at Tokyo Disney Sea! Vu and I are huge Disney fans so that’s why we made it a point to visit Disney Sea. There is also a Disneyland here but when we watched reviews and read about it, it seemed really similar to other Disneyland’s in the US. Disney Sea […]


There is so much life down this one main Takeshita Street! As soon as you step off the train station you are greeted with masses of people walking up and down Takeshita Street, all taking videos and selfies. It reminded me of the night markets in Taiwan, with lots of small eateries, loud music and […]


First stop- Tokyo, Japan We are greeted by incredibly over polite Japanese people. They are kind hearted individuals that are always willing to answer our tourist questions. Body language goes a long way here, especially with the spoken language barrier. They hand you money with both hands, bow everytime through appreciation and consideration and are […]