Olá Macau

Fourth stop- Macau

We flew in today from Taipei to Hong Kong (via Hong Kong Airlines) and then took a ferry (TurboJet) to Macau. Total travel time was 6 hrs! The ferry ride was very wobbly in the beginning and we felt so sick, even after taking our ginger pills. We were literally the only ones that looked sea sick, everybody else seemed so calm and collect! But we eventually fell asleep for the hour long ride. 

We stayed at Studio City Hotel in Cotai which is the newer area of “the strip.” It’s a beautiful, clean, and extremely large hotel and casino. 

While in Macau, we visited the Portuguese main plaza in Macau, Largo do Senado which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are alleyways filled with markets, foods and lots and lots of durian and local beef jerky! We walked a few blocks north to the Ruinas de St. Paulo and got some great city views from a short hike up a hill. 

Igreja de Sao Domingos

Portuguese inspired floors at the Plaza

Ruinas de St. Paulo 
We also got to watch the House of Dancing Water show at the City of Dreams hotel. It is one of the best shows we’ve ever watched, extremely entertaining! The stage is set over water, with lots of diving, acrobats, and motorcycle tricks! They are a very talented group of performers!

House of Dancing Water

Real Talk:

Macau has a sadness that I see in places that pull in thousands of dollars from the tourism industry as locals sit silently by struggling to feed their own families and find a steady living. Near the old plaza are old houses and run down buildings with trash all over the floors. Lots of commotion, horns honking, and residents standing on the sidelines with no shoes in site. Whilest across the river is a glowing world of casinos and million dollar high rise hotels covering the skylines, all pulling in money from people like me. 

It’s a tough realization.