Happy Bellies All Day Long

It’s so hard to get hungry here because we are literally eating all day! I’m honestly starting to feel like my jeans are too tight!

We had a very typical Taiwanese breakfast today at Yong He Soy Milk King! We dipped our you tiao- chinese fried dough into our yummy warm soy milk and gobbled up our scallion pancakes! I could have eaten more but we had already planned where we were eating at our next stop! 

Onward to Ximending, a hip area for the youngins to hang out! This is where my parents would come on dates when they too were young and hip! Back in the olden days, my mom and dad would write letters to each other months in advance to schedule a date to meet at Ximending.  They would meet at a coffee shop where my dad said my mom would talk for hours and hours about who knows what, so his favorite part was the movie theater after wards for some peace and quiet! haha 

For a snack, we ate at Tian Tian Li in Ximending.  This was probably one of my top 3 meals in Asia. I don’t know what to call this place, it’s not a restaurant, it’s maybe just a hole in the wall! It’s so tightly crammed inside with people sitting back to back and you can barely squeeze your body into the narrow community seating area! This place is known for their Lo Bok Gow- fried turnip cakes- my favorite dim sum item.  It was cooked to perfection, again, I could have eaten more but we had to keep some open space in our tummies!

As our post-meal exercise, we strolled around Huashan 1914 Creative Park to check out local artists and artisans.  This area used to be a sake factory but after it closed down, it became a gateway for local Taiwanese artists to showcase their creative talents.

72 Beef Noodle House is the best beef noodle soup I’ve ever had! We met here with my aunts and uncles for a pre-dinner snack.  I think we all ate in silence because it was that delicious. Beef noodles soup is a Taiwanese favorite and really anyone who visits Taiwan needs to eat here! 

We enjoyed an amazing buffet dinner at {name}, where my dad dines every time he visits Taiwan. Fresh shellfish, sushi, sashimi, oysters, peking duck, dim sum, fruits, desserts and an ice cream bar all at your fingertips! It was my belly’s dream come true!  We got to enjoy this meal with all of my mom’s siblings. It was a perfect way to end our busy foodie day!