Olá Macau

Fourth stop- Macau We flew in today from Taipei to Hong Kong (via Hong Kong Airlines) and then took a ferry (TurboJet) to Macau. Total travel time was 6 hrs! The ferry ride was very wobbly in the beginning and we felt so sick, even after taking our ginger pills. We were literally the only […]

Happy Bellies All Day Long

It’s so hard to get hungry here because we are literally eating all day! I’m honestly starting to feel like my jeans are too tight! We had a very typical Taiwanese breakfast today at Yong He Soy Milk King! We dipped our you tiao- chinese fried dough– into our yummy warm soy milk and gobbled up […]

All About Family

When my dad was a young boy, he was quite the troublemaker.  People in his village knew him as the kid that would sneak into their gardens and stab holes at all their vegetables and fruits with his handy choptick.  At least once a week, my grandparents would receive some sort of complaint from his […]

Welcome Home

Third Stop- Taipei The Motherland! This is Vu’s first time visiting Taiwan and I was happy to have brought him here to visit my family that was unable to attend our wedding.  I haven’t been back here since 2009 so my family was shocked to see how much I’ve grown (and of course, gained American […]

More on Kyoto

Today we visisted Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion.  Here stands a beautiful zen temple where the top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf.  This place was the retirement villa of the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. It overlooks a large pond and is a quick but beautiful stop.  You’ll probably be in and out of the […]

Crowded in Kyoto

Unfortunately, Kyoto has not been our favorite spot.  It’s extremely crowded here and filled with twice as many tourists that we saw from Tokyo.  It could also be that it’s Saukura Season (Cherry Blossom) so lots of visitors come to participate in the Hanami Festivals.  Everywhere we turn, there are crowds of foreigners, we didn’t […]